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Wedding Day Cuckold

by Anaiis

08/01/2016 22:00 in interracial

It was my wedding day, my father was about to walk me down the aisle. That's a bad place to start, but it gives context. I'll start at the beginning.

My name is Cat, short for Catherine, but everyone calls me Cat. I'm 22 years old and my husband Bob is 23.

Bob and I met in college. I was never a big social person. I didn't date in high school. I was a late bloomer and didn't really develop my figure till I was 18. I always felt awkward and wore very conservative clothes to hide my shape. I am now 5'3", 105, 32C, I have thick, long dark brown hair down to the middle of my back. When I grew into my figure I was still shy about my body and still wore clothes that covered it.

Bob says the first thing he noticed about me was my hair.

One day after class Bob asked me out, well not out, for coffee. I was a junior, he was a senior. I'd seen him at the back of my lecture hall once or twice. We walked to the student union to get a cup of coffee. We chatted and it turns out he was not in that class. The times I saw him he was trying to work up the courage to ask me out.

I thought that was nice. He was a little shy. I found that sweet and when he asked me out for a date, I said yes.

Bob had a similar background. He was also a late bloomer. His first 2 years of high school he suffered a lot of teasing for looking like a Jr. high kid. By the time he had his growth spurt he'd already been placed in the high school pecking order and therefore had not dated either.

We started dating regularly. He was a perfect gentleman.

My roommates would ask me about him. I'd tell them about my dates. Just girl talk. After a month and about 8 dates one asked me if Bob and I had kissed. We hadn't and they made fun of him for being so slow. I didn't have a lot of dating experience so I had no clue 2 months was a long time to wait.

That week, after our date, I kissed him. It was nice. I didn't see stars, but I liked kissing. He obviously liked it too. After that we'd kiss a lot. More often than not I'd have to initiate it but I enjoyed it.

After a few months, more girl talk, my roommates asked if we'd gone further. We hadn't and they again started making fun of him. They would ask me if he was gay and why he didn't make a move. They joked that maybe I didn't turn him on.

I knew I was not very good at being sexy, but I thought that if maybe I stepped up my game, he'd step up his. It was late spring, and as I walked around campus I looked at what other girls were wearing. My loose jeans, sneakers, and baggy T shirt were not the norm. Girls with my shape wore pretty skirts, dresses, tight jeans. I took note of what they were wearing and decided to buy new clothes.

When I told my roommates I was going shopping, they insisted on going with me. I was happy they did. I wanted someone else's opinion.

We hit the mall laughing and having fun. They knew what stores sold what and where the sales were. We went from store to store trying on clothes.

At the first store I picked out a few things I wanted to try on. When I showed them to my roommates they just laughed. They told me there was no way they'd let me buy that "old lady stuff."

They started picking out clothes for me to try on. Most of it I felt self conscious trying on, but they insisted, so I did. I had to admit, I liked what they picked out. I thought I looked pretty. I had just never worn stuff like it and was uncomfortable wearing it.

We went from store to store. I ended up with a bunch of skirts, dresses, and tops. I was happy and ready to go but my roommates told me not yet.

They took me to a lingerie store. They insisted that I had to get rid of my 3 to a package cotton bikinis and buy some pretty underwear. I blushed as we walked through the store. I admit the stuff was pretty.

I could not buy the lacey, expensive stuff, but I found some cute cotton boyshorts and thongs that were more what girls today wore. They insisted I get some pretty bras too. I got a few pretty ones with candy, rose and cherry patterns, plus I bought black, beige, and white bras. When possible I bought the matching panties.

My roommates satisfied we left the mall.

The next day I started wearing my new wardrobe. I felt very self conscious as I walked out of my dorm onto campus. As I walked through campus I noticed a couple of guys checking me out. Some even smiled at me, and a couple said hi.

Having men notice me made me self conscious, but it also gave me butterflies in my stomach. It was a nice feeling to be noticed.

When I saw Bob after class, he just stared at me. Finally he said, "Wow Cat. You look beautiful."

It was nice. I felt pretty. I bought the clothes so he'd notice, and he did, so I was happy.

We went for coffee in the student union and sat down. As we had walked through the student union guys were checking me out. We never held hands or anything walking on campus so there was no reason for anyone to assume we were a couple. A few boys who I recognized from classes said hi to me.

Bob noticed. He seemed happy about it. He would point out the guys that were checking me out and when someone said hi he'd ask me all about them. I really didn't think much of it.

This was a pattern every day after class. I wore my different clothes and Bob seemed to like the ones that were more revealing. He would point out the guys checking me out, ask about the ones who talked to me. If someone talked to me during the day, he wanted to know who. He wanted details. I just took this as part of his general interest in me.

I had to admit I was enjoying it. I was not used to boys flirting with me. I did not know what to say. Some offered to walk me to my next class. I didn't see any problem. When they did I told Bob. He wanted to know everything they said and did.

Sometimes they would walk me after class to the student union where I was meeting Bob. He was always very excited when that happened.

After 2 months he still hadn't made a move. With my roommates teasing me, I decided if I didn't make the move it wouldn't happen. My 21st birthday was coming up and it was just time to lose my virginity. I wasn't stupid, I went to campus health and went on the pill.

Bob was taking me out for my birthday. I planned to spend the night at his place. He had a roommate but he was going home for the weekend. We'd be alone. I didn't tell him I was planning on staying. I just packed a toothbrush, light dress, and underwear in a large purse for the next day.

Since it was my 21st birthday, we decided to go to a club that had dancing.

I asked my roommates what I should wear. They chose a nice dress. It was green, about mid thigh, and showed a bit of cleavage. I had gotten used to dresses so I wasn't too self conscious. My roommates insisted I wear my cherry pattern bra and thong.

We went to the club. I'd never been in a club before. Bob had never been either. All I'd ever seen were on TV. I'd danced before, but not since high school. I loved the lights, music, and the driving vibe. Bob and I ordered drinks and found a place on the sidelines to stand.

It was loud in the club. We really couldn't talk. We stood there side by side, watching people dance, and sipping our drinks. I watched the women move to the music. I had never danced like that. Some were grinding against the men they were dancing with. Others were keeping their distance but still moving seductively. I was feeling butterflies in my stomach again.

I was swaying to the music on the side of the dance floor and hoping Bob would ask me to dance. He didn't. We just stood and watched. Eventually a guy approached me and asked me to dance. I wanted to dance but was not sure what to say. I looked at Bob and he just shrugged his shoulders. So I said yes.

Being on the dance floor was fun. Being among all those sexy people dancing made me feel sexy. I watched the other girls and tried to imitate their moves. I had taken dance and gymnastics as a girl, so I picked it up quick. We danced 2 dances. During those dances the guy tried to rub against me. He often had his hand on my hip. I was too nervous to push him away, and to be honest, I liked the way it felt.

When I got back to Bob he told me I looked great dancing. I said thank you and we stood there again. Eventually another guy from the same group of guys asked me to dance. Again I looked at Bob. He asked me if I wanted to.

I told him I wanted to dance again, hoping he would get the hint and dance with me. He didn't, so I accepted the guys offer and headed to the dance floor.

This time as we danced the guy moved close to me. I could feel his body next to mine. As we danced he had his hands on my hips. We danced a few songs. He started moving his hands and pushing up against me. At one point I felt his hands move down to my ass. I had never experienced this before so I wasn't sure what to do. I let his hands freely explore my ass.

At first I was just scared, but the music, and dancing, made me feel sexy and I started to enjoy his hands. As we danced I felt my dress slide up. I realized he was pulling it up. I didn't know how to react. I just let him. Eventually I felt his hand at the bottom of my ass. I was wearing a thong so it was skin against skin. No one had ever touched my ass before. I was breathing hard and my heart was beating.

At the end of the song I decided I better get back to Bob. When I did he was all excited. He told me how sexy I looked on the dance floor and asked me if the guy really grabbed my ass. I told Bob he did. Bob just said how hot that was.

Eventually another guy from the same group asked me to dance. Again Bob didn't stop me. I danced. This time the guys hands went to my ass right away. I let him pull me in and we danced grinding against each other. Whenever he could he'd touch my ass or grab me under my dress. I felt sexy.

After about 5 dances I felt all worked up. I started the night expecting to have sex with Bob. I was ready to follow through. As I exited the dance floor I told Bob I was ready to go. He asked me if I was sure I didn't want to dance some more. I did, but I also wanted to get to the sex. We left.

On the way home I suggested we go to his place. He commented that it was getting late but I convinced him. As he drove he made me tell him about dancing. He was very interested in the parts where the guys had their hands on my ass.

When we got to his place I was nervous. We turned on the TV and sat on the couch. I started kissing him. He would kiss back but every once in awhile stop and ask me more about dancing. The more I told him the more excited he got.

He eventually mentioned it was late again and that he should take me home. I told him no. He looked at me surprised. I took a deep breath and I stood up.

I said, "I'm staying here tonight."

He just blinked at me with his mouth open. I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. He followed in silence. When we got there I started kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt. I thought he would try to undress me but didn't make a move, so I unzipped my dress and stepped out of it.

I continued undressing him. I undid his pants and they fell to the ground. He was still wearing his shoes so they pooled around his ankles. I could see he had a hard on in his white briefs. I pulled his briefs down and it sprung out.

I'd never seen a live adult penis. I looked at it. It was about 5" long and around 2 fingers diameter. I reached down to take it in my hand. The skin around it felt soft. I moved my hand along the shaft. As I did he came in my hand. He got cum all over my hand, belly, panties and thighs.

He started apologizing, saying he'd never done this before. I knew enough to know that this could happen. I was inexperienced, not stupid. I told him it was OK and to get into bed and I went to the bathroom to clean up. I was glad I had brought another pair of panties with me.

When I came out of the bathroom he was already under the covers. I climbed in next to him in my bra and panties.

I reached down to touch his penis again. He was still wearing his briefs. I kissed him and slid my hand to his penis. It was hard again.

Under the covers I slid out of my panties. I pushed his briefs down around his thighs freeing his hard on. He was not moving. I climbed on top of him and rubbed his hard on against my vagina trying to line it up to enter me. It felt good. When he was lined up, I slowly lowered myself.

I liked the way it felt. It hurt a bit but for the most part it wasn't bad. I moved myself up and down. In about 3 minutes he came. I felt it inside me. I actually liked the feeling of the cum inside me. Sex did not rock my world, but it was nice. We kissed and fell asleep.

We had sex a few more times before the semester ended. He always suggested we go dancing for our dates. He never danced with me, but I was really enjoying dancing and was really learning some moves. On the way home he always asked me about the guys, what they said, and where they touched me.

Sex was about the same. We tried missionary and doggy styles. It lasted about 5 minutes. It was pleasant. Not mindblowing, but pleasant.

Graduation and the summer came. I went home to my folks, he stayed in town. He got a good full time job with the company he had been interning with. We stayed in touch through texts and email over the summer. He came to visit me once. My parents made us sleep in separate rooms.

At my summer job I was working with people I had known in high school. Now, with high school way in the past, we started talking. I formed a little crowd to hang out with. It was fun. I enjoyed being part of the group. In the group there were 2 brothers. James and Don Hillman. I'd never talked to them in high school. We were in different crowds. Well, they were in a crowd, I wasn't.

When we were out these guys always paid attention to me. I enjoyed the attention. If we went dancing they would always dance with me. Sometimes I found myself dancing with the 2 of them at the same time. They were both nice guys and I even started to flirt a little. I'd even dance a little dirty and let their hands touch my ass. It was fun and I was getting more comfortable with myself.

At night I would text Bob and tell him about my day. He was very curious about the boys I hung out with. Particularly James and Don. He'd ask me for details, what they said, whether they touched me or not. This actually made up most of our conversations.

At the end of the summer I returned to school. Bob got a place of his own after graduation. I spent most of my weekends at Bob's. His favorite date was to still go out dancing. He never danced with me.

When we went he'd suggest clothes for me to wear. He liked things that were more revealing. Shorter dresses, lower necklines. I was feeling sexier and more confident. I started looking around at the girls in the club and buying clothes like theirs.

His favorite dresses barely covered my ass and had necklines where you could pretty much see part of my bra. When I wore them I got a lot of attention and boys clambering to dance with me. I'd spend most of the nights on the dance floor dancing with anyone who asked me. Bob would watch from the side.

I got to know the crowd. I'd dance with the same guys every time we went. For their part they took more liberties with their hands. They did not hesitate to grab my ass or cup my breasts as I was grinding against them. I could often feel their hard ons through their clothes.

Bob would watch from the sidelines and ask for details when we got home. He was really fascinated when I told him I could feel their hard ons and would ask me what it was like. We'd have sex at night and he'd ask me about it when we had sex. He'd often cum as we talked about it.

Bob asked me to marry him. We'd been dating for almost a year and I said yes. We planned to be married right after graduation in my hometown.

We continued going out. I'd spend weekends at Bob's. We'd go out dancing. I'd dance and he'd watch. During sex he kept asking me about dancing. He'd ask me for details when someone touched my ass or breasts.

One day, while we were having sex and I was telling him this, he blurted out, "I can't wait to be married to my hot wife." I took it as a compliment. He would say it often as we had sex.

One day I told my roommates that he'd said that. They laughed. I had no idea why and asked them what was so funny. They repeated "Hot Wife" and laughed.

I didn't want to sound stupid so I let it drop. When I was alone I googled it. I learned that a hot wife was a wife who had sex with other people. As I read more I started to see patterns. I just shook them out of my head. I was sure Bob didn't mean that.

I couldn't believe the stories. I read about men who liked knowing their wives were having sex. I read about the women. I have to admit, some of the stories were hot.

One night while having sex Bob again said he couldn't wait to have me as his hot wife. I asked him if he knew that the term hot wife meant a wife who had sex with others. He came immediately.

It was hard planning a wedding during my final semester, but we did it. I invited the group of friends I made last summer. We had stayed in touch when I was at school. Especially James and Don. During Christmas break I almost spent the whole time with them. During the school year, they would send me flirty and suggestive texts. It was all in fun.

As I planned the wedding Bob asked me about the guests. He was particularly interested in James and Don. He would ask me about them often. I would often share my texts with Bob. When he'd see me one of the first things he'd ask to see is my texts with James and Don. The flirtier and more suggestive they were, the more he liked them.

They'd often text when Bob and I were together. He'd read them and then make suggestions about what I should respond. Some of his ideas were very suggestive. Often the reply would be a double entendre implying that I'd have sex with them.

One night we went for dinner and dancing. Through dinner he had me replying to texts from James and Don. I was telling them I was dressed to go out. They asked for a picture. When we got back to Bob's place. Bob suggested we take a picture for them. I was wearing one of Bob's favorite dresses. It was a red wrap that tied at the hip. It came down about 3 inches over my ass. You could see a bit of my lacy black bra over the neckline. Bob took one of me in my dress and sent it.

They replied that they thought the dress was hot. Don then replied that the bra was hot too and said he'd like to see more of it.

I responded, "Don't you wish."

Bob read the text and said, "Hey, let's tease them a little. Show them the bra."

I of course said no but Bob was insistent. He pointed out that everything was covered and that during the summer they had seen me in a bathing suit. He said it was no big deal.

I was skeptical, but I agreed. I pulled the top of my wrap dress apart and Bob took and sent a picture. Bob kept looking at my phone for a response. It was almost immediate. They both started commenting on how hot I looked and how they wished I was home or they were with me.

Bob was excited. He kept telling me how cool that was. The texts came back asking if my panties matched my bra.

Bob told me to respond, "Always."

I admit I was liking the flirtiness. I was liking the compliments. James and Don started texting that they wanted to see the panties.

I told them no way, but then Bob said that I should. He said it would be fun and it's not like they were here. There was a part of me that said no, but there was a part of me that was loving being the center of attention.

As he was talking to me Bob pulled the tie of my wrap dress and let it fall open. He then told me to hold it open while he took the pic. I did and he sent it to them.
The comments back were not subtle.

Nice tits. Great panties. I bet they'd look good on the floor. They were getting crude. Bob loved them. He suggested we take more pics. I wasn't sure and just said no. Bob tried a bit to convince me.

The truth is I wanted to, but I knew I shouldn't. I didn't.

Bob and I had sex. While having sex he kept telling me what a hot wife I'd be and talking about how hot sending the pictures was. After about 3 minutes he came and he fell asleep.

As I lay there I thought of how hot I thought sending the pictures was. How sexy it made me feel. When I thought hot, I then thought, hot wife.

I picked up my iPad and again googled the term. I started reading some "hot wife" stories. As I did I slipped my hand between my legs and started playing with myself. The stories were full of wives having sex with other men and their husband's waiting to hear the details. The words were not hard on, sex, or vagina. They were cock, fucking, pussy, cunt.

The stories told of women sucking cocks for other men but not for their husbands. I had never given a blow job. These stories were full of them. The feeling of my hand on my vagina, I mean, pussy, was was exciting me. As I read I stroked myself harder and harder. All of a sudden I felt a wash of pleasure.

I lay there sweating. I knew what happened. I had just masturbared myself to my first orgasm. I put down my iPad and went to sleep.

Over the next week Don and James kept asking for more pics. I would text Bob at night and tell him what they were asking for. He kept telling me to take some and send them. I kept saying no, but he kept saying it would be fun. He was right. It would be fun, but i wasn't sure. When I went to bed I would go online and read more hot wife stories. I would masturbate and go to sleep. I think I had an orgasm every day that week.

Finally he wore me down. He suggested I take a selfie in just my bra and panties. I did. I sent it to Bob. He said perfect and I sent it to James and Don. Again I got an immediate response. How sexy I was. What a great body. How hot I was. There were requests for more, and more revealing pictures. I knew I was not going to send them, but, the idea excited me. For some reason, while in the shower, thinking about pics, and the stories I read, I shaved my pussy.

I sent the responses Bob. He encouraged me to send more. I refused.

That weekend we stayed at home. I was in jeans and a top. I was sitting with Bob and texting with Don and James. They started asking for more pics. I said no but Bob was telling me I should. I know I wanted to, but I told Bob I'd do it for him. He got all excited and took my phone.

I stood up and Bob took a picture. Then he told me to slowly take my top off. As I did he took pics. Then he did the same as I slowly peeled my jeans off. As I did he'd walk around me and take pics from behind as well as the front.

I was wearing a matching bra and thong. He asked me to take off the bra. I again protested, but he kept encouraging me. I thought, what the hell, I can delete them later. I slowly removed the bra. My nipples were hard as rock. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Yes, because of the stories I had started thinking in terms of pussies and cocks.

Bob kept taking pics. Last I slowly slipped my panties off. Bob was delighted I'd shaved my pussy. He started snapping a few more. Finally I stopped and told him I wanted to see what we were going to send them.

Bob said, "I sent them all."


"All?" I asked.

He nodded.

Don and James had seen me naked. The idea both excited and horrified me. I was afraid to read the responses. Bob was excited. We had sex right on the couch. I think it lasted a minute. Bob and I climbed into bed and he fell asleep. I thought about what had happened. I pictured them seeing my pics. While picturing their response I made myself cum and fell asleep.

The next day I got up before Bob. I went to get my phone. I wanted to see the pictures and read the responses. After each sent picture there were responses. The responses were what I expected, but I was loving them anyways. Each response told me how hot I was and asked for more. When I finally took my bra off they got more crude.

"Nice tits."

"I want to suck on those."

As I removed my panties. I got even more. As I read them I started playing with my pussy.

When I got to the one that said, "You look so fuckable." I came.

As I opened my eyes I saw Bob watching me. He had his cock in his hand and was masturbating watching me. As soon as I saw him he came. It squirted all over his hand and the floor. I went and got something to clean up with. We didn't talk about it. We just got dressed and went on with our days.

When we weren't together, I would flirt with guys on campus and at night I would read hot wife stories and masturbate. On weekends we would stay in or go out, On a few he'd convince me to take more pictures and send them to Don and James. Don and James loved the pictures. They kept saying they couldn't wait till my wedding so they could see me. They kept suggesting they could help me get dressed for the wedding.

Finally graduation and I headed home. It would be 2 weeks till the wedding. I had a lot to do. Every night I would text Bob. He was coming down the next week to help.

I had a little time and one night I went out with Don and James and the group. Don and Janes were sharing a place and we all went over to hang out. I texted Bob I was going. He told me that was great and teased me about giving them a show. I told him to cut it out., but he had planted a thought and it stayed on my mind.

Eventually everyone left and it was just James, Don, and I. I texted Bob and he asked me if I was going to give them a show. I replied of course not. I got up to leave and they both got up to say good bye. This time no one was around.

Don put his arms around me and said it was great to see me. Even with my clothes on. We laughed and then he kissed me. At first it was a short kiss. Then a longer kiss. Don and I were making out.

Then James said, "Hey, it's my turn."

Don turned me to face James. James started kissing me. I was sandwiched between the 2 of them. I could feel James' hands on my ass as I kissed him. I could feel them both get hard and push their hard cocks against me.

Don turned me back to him and started kissing me again. This time his hands slid down the waistband of my jeans and he cupped my ass. From behind James ran his hands up my shirt and started playing with my tits. I let this go on for a minute and then remembered Bob.

I stopped them and running out of their apartment hurried home.

I was feeling very guilty. I texted Bob and after chatting started telling him what happened. He immediately called me and had me start again. As I told him he'd ask questions. He assured me it was alright and that he couldn't blame James and Don.

I told him the whole story. He asked questions. As I started repeating myself the images popped into my head. I could feel the kisses, feel their hands, feel their cocks. My hand slipped between my legs and I started playing with my pussy. I was very wet. I continued telling Bob the story. Then, right there, on the phone, I came.

I think I stopped talking for a minute. Bob kept asking if I was OK. I assured him I was and told him I needed some sleep. He kept asking me questions. I finally had to tell him I needed sleep and hung up.

The next day I thought about the night before. I imagined being between Don and James. Just thinking about it made my pussy wet. I wondered about why Bob reacted the way he did. I thought he'd be mad, but he was very understanding. I was glad I was marrying a man who was so understanding.

Bob arrived that week. He was staying at the hotel we were holding the service and reception at. I didn't have much time to see him. He asked everyday about James and Don. I'd often show him their texts. He really liked reading them. He would ask lots of questions.

I had a free night. I suggested Bob and I go out and go back to his room. Bob told me he had some work and suggested I hang out with my friends Don and James and then come over after.

I agreed. I texted Don and James and made plans to hang out at their place. I told Bob and he asked me what I was going to wear.

"Jeans and a T shirt," I replied.

"But you look so good in a dress," he said. "And your coming here after."

He suggested I wear a sundress he really liked. It was a short yellow dress with buttons down the front.

I got ready to meet Don and James. I thought about what happened the last time. I was a little worried they'd try to take advantage of me again. The thought made my pussy tingle. I shook my head and reminded myself they were good friends. I looked at my underwear and picked out a sexy thong and bra. Bob would like them. I briefly wondered if James and Don would. I finally decided that my future husband wanted to see me in something, I was going to wear it for him. I put the dress on and went to see them.

I arrived at their apartment. They both got up to greet me. Don hugged me and gave me a brief kiss. James was right next to him. He also hugged me and kissed me. His kiss was a little deeper. In a moment we were locked in s passionate kiss. James, not releasing me turned me to Don. Don said he wanted a kiss too.

Leaning back against James, I let myself go and kissed Don. I was loving the passion. The directness. I mostly had to make the first move with Bob. These guys were just deciding what they wanted. I thought about the difference. It made me wet.

As I kissed Don I felt James reach down and start to pull my dress up. I started to protest but Don kissed me again and I got lost in the kiss. I felt Don's hands on my ass. Lots of guys I had danced with had felt my ass. This was no big deal.

Don turned me back to James. James started kissing me while Don told me how sexy I was, how hot my pictures were, and how lucky Bob was. I felt relieved that they remembered I was marrying Bob and that they respected that.

At the same time the compliments and kissing felt good. I could feel their cocks getting hard in their pants and pressing against me. Don's hands were exploring my ass and reaching between my legs. I started to push back against his hands my legs moved apart.

All of a sudden. I remembered Bob. I pushed them away and said, "That's enough."

We joked about it and sat down to watch a movie. Before the movie, Don wanted to show me something. He hooked his PC to the TV. On the screen was a picture of me. They had saved every picture of me. We started going through all of them. I was a little embarrassed when they got to the nude ones, but they were so complimentary I felt good.

My pussy was wet. I couldn't wait to get back to Bob and have sex. While we watched they each had their hands on my thighs, they moved their hands up and down. Often brushing the crotch of my panties. When they did I'd playfully slap their hands.

Finally it was time to go. Leaving was a repeat of arriving. Sandwiched between them and kissing them. Don in front of me, James behind me. I felt James' hands under my dress. They sneaked around in front of me along the band of my panties. His fingers slid under the band as he slowly traced across it. Instinctively I pulled my hips away from Don. James' hands slid into my panties and started stroking my clit. It felt amazing. I parted my legs a bit to give him access.

As I did I continued to kiss Don. His hands were on my breasts unbuttoning my dress. He pushed my bra up and started sucking on my nipples.

As James' hand slipped inside my pussy I let myself go to the feeling. I could feel their hard cocks pressing against me. I wondered what they looked like. I'd only seen Bob's hard. I wondered what they would feel like.

James' hands, my tits being sucked, the situation, my thoughts. I came on his fingers. They could tell. I let out a loud moan and my knees buckled. James started to push my panties off.

All of a sudden I came to my senses. I pushed them away and said, "Stop." They did.

I fixed my clothes kissed them both briefly, said I'd see them at the wedding, and left.

I rushed to the hotel to be with Bob. I wanted him inside me. I wondered what it would be like to have an orgasm while he was in me. I'd read about it, but it'd never happened.

When I got to the room Bob was there. He made no move to me. I grabbed him and kissed him passionately. He broke the kiss and asked me what happened.

"What happened?" I asked. "Why?"

"Go look in the mirror," he replied.

When I did I saw I was a mess. My hair disheveled and my make up messed. I started to fix it. Bob was standing right behind me.

"Don't," he said.

I looked at him quizzically.

"Leave it," he said. "I like the way you look."

He started asking me what happened. I started at the beginning. I told him everything. Almost everything. I left out the hands on my breasts and in my pussy. I left out my orgasm.

Bob was all excited. He asked a lot of questions. As he did, and I answered, I was getting hotter and hotter. I started undressing him. His cock sprang to attention. I slipped off my panties off and mounted him right on the couch. I'd never done that before. He came in about a minute. I felt frustrated. I slipped my hand down to my clit and still straddling his body and limp cock I rubbed myself to an orgasm.

The next 2 days were a blur of wedding preparations. On my wedding day we got the honeymoon suite at the hotel. I was going to change into my gown there before going to the ceremony downstairs.

It was a small wedding. Mostly family and a few friends. We didn't have attendants. My mom helped me into my dress and then went down to greet the guests.

I was alone in my room when I realized I hadn't got Bob a present. Just then Bob texted me and asked how I was. He told me that Don and James had showed up and were asking for me. He suggested they come to the room and say hi. They were on their way.

All of a sudden I knew what to give Bob as a wedding present. I sat down and wrote him a note. As I finished the note there was a knock on the door. It was James and Don.

This time, when they walked in, I kissed them. Not a friendly peck. A deep long kiss. I went from one to the other. Both in front of me I pulled them into me and kissed them. At first they were tentative. Then they got back to who they were.

They told me how sexy I looked in my gown. Their hands ran up and down my body. I let them. I gave in to the feeling. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I felt James start to pull up my gown. It was way too long. I stopped kissing Don and turned my head to James.

"It has a zipper," I said.

James was not stupid. I felt the zipper go down. As it did I dropped my arms and let the dress fall off. It pooled around my feet. I was standing there in my wedding lingerie. White lacy bra, white almost see through thong with little strings that tied on the side, garter belt, stockings and heels.

They stepped back to look at me.

"Turn," said James.

I slowly turned for them.

"Totally fuckable," Don said.

"Yes, I am," I replied.

If there was any doubt in their minds it was gone.

Sandwiched between them Don kissed me while James unhooked my bra. I shrugged it off my shoulders and let it fall on top of my wedding gown. James held my tits up while Don sucked my nipples. The feeling was exquisite. I didn't want it to stop but I had some other things in mind.

As they played with my tits I reached behind me and started rubbing James' cock through his pants. It felt bigger than Bob's. I was looking forward to seeing it.

I dropped to my knees on top of my wedding gown. I unzipped Don's pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard, bigger, and thicker than Bob's. It felt heavy in my hands. With my hands wrapped around it I looked at it. It had a little drop of pre cum on the tip. I stuck out my tongue and tasted it. I liked the way it tasted.

I had never given a blow job before. I had an idea of what to do as I'd read it in my hot wife stories, but having his cock in front of me I felt a little intimidated.

"I've never done this before," I said to Don.

He just looked at me and said, "Suck it."

I made a pouty face and said in a pouty voice, "But only sluts suck cocks."

He smiled and said, "Then suck it, slut."

I wrapped my mouth around the tip. I liked the way it felt filling my mouth. I stroked the shaft as I licked the head and lightly sucked. I moved my mouth back and forth like he was fucking my mouth. It felt great.

As I did Don removed his shirt. I saw James' cock sticking out to the side of Don. James was naked. I had never seen a man other than Bob naked. I noticed that James had a flatter stomach and bigger shoulders. His body was more muscled.

His cock was maybe a bit thicker than Don's. I reached out and grabbed it as I sucked Don. I started stroking James' cock. It felt good.

After a few minutes of this Don pulled out of my mouth. I immediately turned my attention to James' cock. Again, I saw the drop of pre cum. I took his cock and ran it along my lips. I felt the pre cum smear accross them. Then I licked my lips and took James' cock in my mouth.

As I sucked James' cock I could see Don undress. He was built like his brother. I liked it.

James pulled out of my mouth, took my hand, and led me to the bed. He sat down and I again knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. Something was missing. I stopped and looked around and I saw my wedding dress in a pile on the floor. I reached over grabbed it and knelt down on top of it again. I took James' cock back in my mouth.

Both James and Don encouraged me.

"That's it slut, suck that cock. You look so hot with a cock in your mouth."

I loved hearing that. I kept stroking and sucking James cock. I loved being treated like a sexual woman. I liked the word slut.

I felt Don move behind me. He started playing with my ass. I pushed it back against him. I could feel his hands on my thong.

I stopped sucking James cock and said, "Take them off."

I felt him pull the strings and my panties fell on top of my wedding gown.

Don started fingering my pussy and playing with my clit. I felt his finger dip into my pussy. Bob never played with my pussy. I loved it. When his fingers touched my clit, I came. It felt amazing.

Don swatted my ass and told me to lie down on the bed. I got up to do what he said. He grabbed my wedding dress and threw it on the bed. I laid down on top of it. James stuck his cock in my mouth again. Don started eating my pussy.

If I thought masturbating felt good, this was amazing. In about a minute I was coming again.

"Oh my god," I said. "That was amazing. I've never had someone do that before. Don't stop."

Don smiled. "Don't stop? Don't stop what."

"Eating my pussy. Eat me."

Don obliged. As he licked me to 2 more orgasms I sucked James. James kept encouraging Don.

"That's it. Lick the sluts pussy. Make her cum."

To me he said, "Do you like that? Do like a cock in your mouth while having your cunt eaten? We've wanted to fuck you for so long. We wanted our cocks in your mouth and pussy. We always thought there was a bit of a slut in you."

At that I came again.

Don got on the bed between my legs. He spread them and place his cock against my pussy. As he drove forward it slipped right in. I was really wet. He started fucking me. I loved it. His cock felt different than Bob's. It filled me and hit parts Bob never did. I fucked back.

Don said to James, "Hold the slut's legs."

James grabbed my legs, held them up, and spread them for Don. Don kept fucking me. I'd never felt anything so deep. I came again.
By this time we were way past the 2-3 minutes with Bob. I was loving it.

All of a sudden I felt James start to stiffen.

"I'm going to cum," he said.

I knew from the stories I should swallow it. I wanted to. The idea excited me. I clamped my lips around him. I felt the first jets of hot cum against my throat. I started swallowing. It was salty sweet. I knew I'd want to taste it again. I kept swallowing but it wasn't enough. Some leaked out and got on my chin and cheek. I thought about the cum on my face. I liked the feeling. I came again.

James kept his deflated cock in my mouth. I could now get it all in my mouth and did. After a few minutes he started to get hard again. I'd never seen Bob get hard again. Once and he was done. I marveled at how it felt, growing in my mouth.

I felt Don start pumping me harder and harder. "I'm cumming," he said.

I felt it. It felt like he came gallons. I felt it hot against the walls of my pussy.

"Oh yeah." I said. "Fill my pussy. Fuck me. Give me that cum. I want it all."

As I said that he pulled out. The last couple spurts landed on my pussy and stomach. It felt hot against my skin. I came again. I could feel the cum drip out of me. I thought that some must be dripping on my wedding dress.

James was hard again. He took Don's place between my legs. I felt his cock slide in me. Before today I had fucked one man. Now it's three. The thought made me cum again.

James was fucking my cum filled pussy. Don put his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and took him in. It was slimy and sticky. It was covered with his cum and my juices. I loved it. I started licking and sucking him trying to get it all.

James was telling Don how good I felt.

"God. She has a great pussy. We should have fucked the little slut long ago. Too bad she fucked Bob. I would have loved to have her virgin pussy."

That made me cum again. I had never cum this much in a week. Never mind 30 minutes.

Don encouraged James. "That's it. Fuck the slut. Make her cum. Send her to her wedding with cum in her cunt."

That did it. I started panting.

"Fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my pussy. Give me that cum. I want to get married filled with cum. Fuck me."

I came again. As I did James began to cum. I could feel his sperm mixed with Don's dripping out my pussy. I knew some got on my dress.

Just then my phone rang. It was my mom.

"Where are you? The ceremony was supposed to start 10 minutes ago."

I told her I was finishing my make up and would be down in 10 minutes. I rushed to get dressed. I looked at my panties on the floor and decided I didn't need them. I pulled on my gown and had James zip me. I felt sexy in my stockings garters and no panties. I imagined walking down the aisle dressed in just my stockings, garters, and heels.

I chased Don and James out.

As they walked out the door I said, "I still have a virgin ass."

They smiled and headed down to the ceremony.

I quickly washed my face. I grabbed my note. I reread it and made a few changes. I headed to the wedding.

As I got off the elevator I saw Don and James enter the ceremony room and sit down. My father met me at the entrance.

"Are you Ok," he said. I looked at my dress. It was all wrinkled. There was a rip in one of the lacy parts. I could see 2 stains on the front wear my tits and belly were.

I told him I was fine. He took his handkerchief and wiped something off my cheek. The music had started and we walked down the aisle. As we walked I could see people talking. I am sure they were wondering about my dress.

I looked for Don and James. I saw them and smiled. I could feel their cum in my pussy and dripping down my legs.

I reached my husband to be. My dad let go of my arm and sat down. The Justice of the peace started the wedding ceremony. As he read my vows, I listened with an inward smile.

I said, "I do."

He started reading Bob's vows. Before Bob could say I do, I stopped him.

"I forgot to give you your wedding present," I said.

I handed him the note. He took it and started to read.

" Dear Husband to be.

"As you get ready to say 'I do' I wanted you to know something. I just fucked James and Don. In our room, on our honeymoon bed, on top of this wedding gown."

He looked up and spotted James and Don among the guests.

It continued.

"When you kiss me you will taste James' cum on my breath. I swallowed as much as I could.

"I have 2 loads of cum in my cunt. One from each of them. It's dripping down my legs. It's dripping because I'm not wearing panties.

"After the reception, you'll have to find somewhere to wait. They are going to come to our room and fuck me again. One of them is going to take my virgin ass.

"Happy wedding day.

"Your Hot Wife to be."

Bob turned to the Justice of the peace and said, "I do."

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