Boyfriend cheating stories

A Chance Meeting

by george

08/01/2016 18:19 in cheating

'Sarah?' She seemed immediately taken aback by the person saying hello to her. I had no idea why. He was tall and well built, probably a few years older than her, making him possibly in his late twenties. 'Oh, errr hi Shaun,' she said, her voice was at least 2 octaves higher than I'd ever heard it.

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Chance Encounter

by Abrank

07/08/2016 00:23 in cuckold

This story contains details of wife sharing, so please don't read it if that is likely to bother you. * * * * * * * * When I was young airports seemed glamorous places and I usually enjoyed the whole experience. Perhaps it's the fact that I've just turned forty or maybe it's the increased security w

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