Boyfriend cheating stories

Controlling Indian Wife

by george

06/19/2016 12:36 in cheating

We got married almost 5 years back. I am 32, IT professional who enjoy computer programming and working on Computers. My wife, Hina works in recruitment and is more of a people person as compared to me. To start with ours was a traditional marriage, after which we settled in London. She was just a h

troop shirts controlling indian wife

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A Controlling Interest

by Anaiis

05/22/2016 03:39 in cuckold

With a crooked, shaky finger, Mr. Nelson directed Reagan's eyes toward a Christmas tree adorned in small brass bells and holly and centered along a windowed wall that showcased the entire San Fernando Valley. "Fifty years ago, right over there, I watched Audrey Hepburn share several drinks with Will

phone sex controlling interest

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