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Island Life

by Abrank

08/18/2016 05:46 in slut-wife

Lisa awoke to the soft glow of the breaking dawn being reflected off the ocean and into their bedroom window. She and her husband of 25 years, Al, had just moved to this Caribbean paradise a month ago. Life was slower, more leisurely and definitely more romantic. She glanced at Al, still sleeping, c

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My Life as a Wittol Ch. 04

by george

08/04/2016 17:26 in slut-wife

Stephanie convinces CJ to do a threesome As Stephanie started to come down from the party high she felt embarrassed and worried that many of she and Rick had many friends at the party and they were undoubtedly aware of her carnal activities earlier with Roger. A few of her female friends at the part

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My Life as a Wittol Ch. 03

by Abrank

05/18/2016 16:22 in cuckold

Chapter Three; CJ meets Roger's friend from LA Rick and Stephanie had a small fight so Stephanie and CJ had gone to the club by themselves. As they walked towards the front door CJ noticed Roger talking to another guy she did not recognize. Roger had noticed CJ as she approached him. He turned and s

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