Boyfriend cheating stories

2001: The Party of My Wife’s Toy

by george

08/23/2016 03:39 in interracial

Lella's birthday was soon after New Year's Eve. We had a nice party at an old friend of mine's place: a former platoon commander in my company, back in the eighties, who was smarter than me, left the service and built up an enterprise which sells services to the Army. He had been making far more mon

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A Christmas Party Tale

by Anaiis

08/19/2016 19:16 in cheating

I dreaded going to my wife's company Christmas party, but there was no getting out of it. Alice had been at her new job less than a year and was soaring to the top of the corporate chain. Her promotions were coming at the rate of almost every other month. I was happy for her, as she brought plaques

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