Boyfriend cheating stories

World Class 03

by george

07/30/2016 02:27 in cuckold

Guilt! It was tearing a hole in my heart as I looked in the mirror at my fiery red ass. I stood naked in my bathroom studying it carefully trying to come up with an explanation for Steve. I knew when he would come home that evening he'd be expecting a blowjob. And why not? I'd been handing them out

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Lisa Needs It Pt. 04

by Anaiis

07/23/2016 12:11 in slut-wife

Harry Thwinkle was on top of the world! His career had finally turned the corner. He had just closed the biggest deal of his life. Not only that, his new client had promised referrals which could lead to deals the same size or bigger. He was on finally on his way! The best part was that he had close

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